New Relationships

So the husband and I have been spending some time in places experiencing an influx of refugees from conflict zones. Greece, Turkey and Serbia being the three main ones. Daily do we appreciate our privilege of not being born in the wrong place at the wrong time and enjoying the relative safety of our persons and our families. These privileges also come with a strong sense of responsibility. 

There are just so many people doing such good work to assist our fellows in need, it is completely heartwarming and hope-instigating. Hope for a better future somewhere in the distance. It would probably be naive to pray for eternal peace on earth but we can hope, pray and work for a steep decline in warfare and hate.  
Cue some positive news. Aasra is now partnering with Small Projects Istanbul, a small community hub in Fatih, Istanbul, Turkey! The ladies will be making an exclusive Aasra earrings line!! I think we'll go with a lot of solids, one that a stylish lady can wear to work during the day and out to a gala in the evening. Seems the Aasra vision is changing from being only products made by women in PK to disadvantaged women everywhere. Instead of working exclusively with one organization, it seems we will be partnering with another! Woo! Evolution!

The husband and I loved spending time at the centre getting to know their work and meeting the refugee men, women and children who are learning, engaging and growing in this space. The volunteers and staff seem so dedicated to their work, it's completely awe-inspiring. Now then. Off to designing we go. 

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