Road To Sustainability

When I started this journey, moving to Pakistan to start Aasra, I couldn't have imagined the twists and turns we would encounter. Not the turbulent political climate in Pakistan causing delays in production, nor the health emergencies back home with family members. Over the last few years, Aasra has evolved. I think for the better. In a direction towards sustainability! 

We now have two organizations (momentarily had three, an org in Karachi, but this relationship is communication-deficient atm) supporting vulnerable women through skills training. We are back home in Toronto, the husband and I, and are loving this new Aasra model of facilitating this relationship between you, the customers, and these talented ladies from these wonderful small grassroots organizations, Darakhshan from Pakistan and Small Projects Istanbul from, well, I'm sure you can guess where. 

The challenges with production in Pakistan still remain, buying limited amounts of fabrics and therefore producing limited amount of items of each kind. These pieces we are selling in real life rather than online. Balancing this dynamic, some limited items and others unlimited made to order, will be an interesting balancing act. I suppose time will tell how it all comes together. It's probably time to rewrite the business plan!  

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