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Patterned Fabric Scarf 

Details: pink/brown patterned

Care Instructions: Wash in cold water on gentle cycle and hang dry

Made by vulnerable disabled women living in Pakistan

This scarf is named after Syeda Ghulam Fatima, a Pakistani human and labour rights activist, known for her work in ending bonded labour in brick kilns, and General Secretary of Lahore-based Bonded Labour Liberation Front Pakistan (BLLF). She has been campaigning for worker's rights and against bonded labour in Pakistani brick factories, kilns. She has been threatened, attacked, and wounded because of her activism. Through her organization, the Bonded Labour Liberation Front, Fatima has established Freedom Centers where workers can go for protection and legal counsel. She helped to release more than 80,000 bonded laborers in Pakistan from all provinces since her engagement, and trained more than 600 women in alternative skills for poverty reduction.

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