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Floral Scarf

Details: Soft Georgette Fabric

Care instructions: wash on gentle cycle or hand wash and hang dry

Made by vulnerable disabled women living in Pakistan

This scarf is named after Helen Keller, an American author, political activist, and lecturer. She was the first deaf-blind person to earn a bachelor of arts degree. The story of how Keller's teacher, Anne Sullivan, broke through the isolation imposed by a near complete lack of language, allowing the girl to blossom as she learned to communicate, has become widely known through the dramatic depictions of the play and film The Miracle Worker.

A prolific author, Keller was well-travelled and outspoken in her convictions. A member of the Socialist Party of America and the Industrial Workers of the World, she campaigned for women's suffrage, labour rights, socialism, antimilitarism, and other similar causes. Keller proved to the world that deaf people could all learn to communicate and that they could survive in the hearing world. She also taught that deaf people are capable of doing things that hearing people can do. One of the most famous deaf people in history, she is a role model to many deaf people in the world.

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