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Scarf Top View
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Floral Scarf

Details: Soft Georgette Fabric

Care instructions: wash on gentle cycle or hand wash and hang dry

Made by vulnerable disabled women living in Pakistan

This scarf is named after Ibtihaj Muhammad, an American sabre fencer, and a member of the United States fencing team. She is best known for being the first Muslim American woman to wear a hijab while competing for the United States in the Olympics. In individual sabre at the 2016 Summer Olympics, she earned the bronze medal as part of Team USA in the Team Sabre, becoming the first female Muslim-American athlete to earn a medal at the Olympics. In 2007, Ibtihaj graduated from Duke University with dual bachelor's degrees in international relations and African and African-American studies.

The 2016 Summer Olympics occurred during the U.S. Presidential campaign in which questions of Muslim assimilation were being discussed, including with respect to U.S.-born Muslims. Ibtihaj as visibly Muslim (due to her hijab) became "one of the best symbols against intolerance America can ever have", according to The Guardian.

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