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Floral Scarf

Details: Soft Georgette Fabric

Care instructions: wash on gentle cycle or hand wash and hang dry

Made by vulnerable disabled women living in Pakistan

This scarf is named after Razan al-Najjar, a 21-year-old Palestinian nurse/paramedic volunteering in the Gaza health ministry. She was fatally shot in the chest by an Israeli soldier as she, with her arms raised to show she was unarmed, tried to help evacuate the wounded near Israel's border fence with Gaza. According to witness testimony, al-Najjar was shot after she and other medics, walking with their hands up and wearing white vests, approached the border fence in order to treat a wounded protester. "In our society women are often judged," she said. "But society has to accept us. If they don't want to accept us by choice, they will be forced to accept us because we have more strength than any man."

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